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Vision Board Your Athleticism and Health

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When researching vision boards, I was amazed to discover that the Egyptians had used this method of creating reality, they had been more “in tune” with using their sixth sense. The images drawn on the walls of the pyramids were their visions of what the future held.

Today, vision boards are known as “The law of attraction”, we create and select what we want to manifest in our lives. In the film industry, the use of story boards is to draw and visualize one scene to the next and to fine tune the story line. Action board is also another term used to identify with vision boards and story boards.  All three apply to one common goal – “Manifesting our fondest dreams and wishes into reality.”

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Athlete Mantra

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Illuminate your dreams by taking ACTION.  It is only then, you’ll experience the  magic of what your dreams are truly made of.


Get up. Move. Unleash Your Inner Athlete.

Athlete Mantra

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Velocity Bleachers

Athlete Mantra – Recognizing potential in others, strengthens your potential.

Get up. Move. Unleash Your Inner Athlete.

The Lifestyle Pie

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In 2002 I conducted market research on consumer’s lifestyles in the Langley, B.C. area. Questions were geared around Nutrition, Exercise and Stress. At the conclusion of the market research, and using the 80-20% rule I developed – The Lifestyle Pie

80% of our Lifestyle accounts toward Nutrition. Optimal Nutrition fuels our body, mind and believe it or not, our emotional needs. Without optimal nutrition, DIS-EASE invades our cells.

The remainder 20% was broken down as -

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